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High-asset divorces can include specific considerations

We recently discussed some of the methods that you might utilize to protect some of your assets if you are going through a divorce. These methods should be carefully considered to ensure that they are going to help you meet your ultimate goals with the property division process.

In high-asset divorces, there are many different considerations that we must factor into the property division process. The considerations are case specific, so we need to discuss your specific case with you to learn about what we need to consider. This gives us a chance to learn about your circumstances and we can also discuss your goals for the property division process.

Can a trust protect your finances in divorce?

Trusts are usually only talked about when they're being designed for passing down inheritances or assets to beneficiaries, but they have a number of purposes well before anyone passes away. A trust is a way to protect your family's assets, and creating a trust could even protect your funds from a failing marriage.

Imagine having a trust as a young adult. That trust is separate from your bank account, but you still have access to it. When you get married, you don't combine that income with your spouse's income. Instead, you leave it in the trust fund and access funds only when you need them.

Make sure you check your estate plan and taxes after divorce

There are a lot of changes that you need to make when you file for a divorce. Obviously, this is a good chance to ensure that you have your life set up for success. There are two specific areas that you should think about before you do anything else. These are your estate plan and your taxes.

When you are thinking about your estate plan, consider every aspect of it. Your goal is to have your children taken care of if something happens to you. If you don't have children or if the children are adults now, you might have other goals for your estate plan.

Digital assets must be handled in a divorce

Today's world is governed largely by digital services and platforms. Digital assets, such as pictures, documents and social media profiles are a large component of life these days. Interestingly, some people are opting to include those assets in their prenuptial agreements so that they can rest assured they will remain theirs if they end up getting divorced.

If you are interested in keeping your digital assets safe, you should draw up a prenup with that agreement. If you are already married, a postnuptial agreement might be feasible. No matter what, make sure you consider these points:

What should I think about regarding a child if I'm going to jail?

Child custody matters are complicated and take a lot of time to sort through. When a child's parent goes to jail or prison, this can complicate the situation.

Many people wonder exactly how incarceration affects child custody issues. In truth, a parent's incarceration can derail parenting plans and impact the way the parent gets to interact with the child in the future.

What are my rights as a grandparent in Texas?

Grandparents want to spend time with their grandchildren. Most of the time, the grandparents can play a valuable role in the child's upbringing. There are some instances in which parents and grandparents don't see eye-to-eye about the grandparent spending time with the grandchild or that the grandparents simply aren't given the opportunity to have a relationship with their grandchildren.

A grandparent who isn't being allowed to spend time with their grandchildren might want to know his or her legal options. Review these points to find out more about grandparent's rights in Texas.

Think carefully when going through assets in divorce

Dividing property during a divorce is difficult, but when you have a lot of property or property that is complex, this can be even more difficult. We recently discussed the issues that people who have a business together face when they divorce. The particular issue here is when the person who is primarily responsible for the business tries to make it seem like the business isn't as profitable as it truly is. In those cases, you might find that you have to do some digging to find out what the business is actually worth.

We know that you might not think that you want to deal with having a lot of investigative work to do. While this is understandable, it is something that you can do to help ensure that you aren't shorted when it comes to dividing the property. We can help you to find the methods that can help you to locate any hidden assets that should be a part of your divorce.

What should I know during a divorce that involves a business?

A family-owned business is a huge accomplishment for many people. If you and your spouse worked hard to build your business, you might be wary about having to divide up your hard work if you end up going through a divorce. There are many factors that you have to think about when you are going through a divorce that involves a business. One of these things is how the profitability of the business will impact the property division settlement.

How do I find out the true value of the business?

Know your rights when you are going through a divorce

When you divorce a narcissist, you have to go into the proceedings with a plan. You can't think that you will just wing it. Narcissists thrive on being in control. If you don't have a plan, there is a good chance that your ex can take control. This can be disastrous if you are trying to ensure you get the settlement that will put you on the best footing going forward.

Since narcissists thrive on being in control, they will likely try to push the case in any direction that you don't want. This means that if you are pushing for mediation, your ex might push for a trial. Preparing for this possibility is imperative.

Make a plan when you are divorcing a narcissist

Being married to a narcissist is difficult. Divorcing one isn't any easier. A narcissist likes to play games to get his or her own way. They like to manipulate people and will stop at almost nothing to get what they want. This is part of what makes it so hard to go through a divorce that involves a narcissist.

The number of men who are extreme narcissists is almost double the number of women in that classification. However, the majority of divorces are initiated by women. This is a difficult combination for the male narcissist because he wasn't the one in control of the divorce. This means that he might be ready for a fight before there is any need for one.

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