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High Asset Divorce Archives

High-asset divorces can include specific considerations

We recently discussed some of the methods that you might utilize to protect some of your assets if you are going through a divorce. These methods should be carefully considered to ensure that they are going to help you meet your ultimate goals with the property division process.

Can a trust protect your finances in divorce?

Trusts are usually only talked about when they're being designed for passing down inheritances or assets to beneficiaries, but they have a number of purposes well before anyone passes away. A trust is a way to protect your family's assets, and creating a trust could even protect your funds from a failing marriage.

Know your rights when you are going through a divorce

When you divorce a narcissist, you have to go into the proceedings with a plan. You can't think that you will just wing it. Narcissists thrive on being in control. If you don't have a plan, there is a good chance that your ex can take control. This can be disastrous if you are trying to ensure you get the settlement that will put you on the best footing going forward.

Make a plan when you are divorcing a narcissist

Being married to a narcissist is difficult. Divorcing one isn't any easier. A narcissist likes to play games to get his or her own way. They like to manipulate people and will stop at almost nothing to get what they want. This is part of what makes it so hard to go through a divorce that involves a narcissist.

High-asset divorce mediation requires some give and take

Determining the terms of a high-asset divorce is something that isn't easy at all. You have to think about how the assets and debts will be divided. You also have to think about support payments and child custody matters. All of this means that you will have to come to a lot of agreements with your ex.

Know what records to keep regarding alimony payments

Alimony proceedings determine how much you have to pay to your ex-spouse. These payments must be made on time so that you don't end up having legal issues because of missed payments. If you are ordered to pay alimony, and even if you are the recipient, it is imperative that you keep records of the payments.

Learn about property valuation before your divorce settlement

Going through a divorce is hard, but when there is a lot of property or high assets in the picture, the process of dividing those can be very complex. We know that you might not be willing to just accept that what you worked so hard for is all going to your ex. Instead, you might want to fight for what you deserve. We can help you learn about how you might be able to preserve your financial status despite the divorce.

How does property division affect estate plans and taxes?

There are many different ways that property division can affect you when you go through a divorce, but you might not realize what effect it can have on your estate plan and taxes. If you have any assets that are shared with your spouse that will be divided during the divorce, you should know a few basic points before you agree to a settlement.

Various issues must be decided in high asset divorce cases

Anyone who is going through a divorce probably has some concerns about how things will be handled. For the people who have amassed considerable assets, the concern is multiplied. There are several different things that have to be considered in a high asset divorce. While all of these aren't present in every high asset divorce, there are some important considerations in many of these divorces.

Spousal support payments aren't automatic during a divorce

The issue of alimony is sometimes heard in high-profile divorce cases in which one former spouse wants the other one to continue to offer some support. It is also found in some high-asset divorce cases. If you think that alimony might be a component in your divorce, you should learn all you can about it so that you can decide what you are going to do.

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