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Mansfield Grandparent Adoptions

At the Texas Law Offices of Karen Cushman, P.C., we provide extensive grandparent and stepparent adoption representation. We understand the emotional hardships associated with grandparent adoptions, and the emotional triumphs of stepparent adoptions. Our law firm is committed to helping real people pursue resolutions to complicated issues.

Serious First Step

Both types of adoption involve the serious issue of termination of parental rights. Whether you are a grandparent or stepparent, your adoption process can't begin until appropriate parental rights are terminated. Parental rights can be terminated by an agreement or by the court. We can help terminate parental rights and complete the adoption process.

Our Arlington stepparent adoption attorney, Karen Cushman, has years of experience with family law. She has handled practically every issue associated with third-party adoptions. She can evaluate your situation and provide informed guidance tailored to your needs.

Common Issues

We realize that stepparent adoptions are often joyful occasions, creating new families. However, grandparent adoptions can involve harsh realities. As a grandparent, you may feel your grandchildren's home environment is putting them in jeopardy. Or you may have other reasons for wanting to take legal responsibility for your grandchildren.

Depending on your situation, we can help you tackle the hard issues and pursue your adoption. We can:

  • Help locate missing parents
  • Give notice to have parental rights terminated
  • Help prove the adoption is in the children's best interest

Complete Support

At the Law Offices of Karen Cushman, P.C., we offer extensive guidance and support beyond your legal issues. We can discuss how your adoption process may impact other areas of your life. We can arrange consultations with financial planners, counselors and other professionals to help ensure you start your new life off on the right path.

Free Consultation

Our office provides a free 20-minute consultation with a lawyer to discuss your situation. Please call us at 888-654-3558 or you may also send us an e-mail.