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At the Texas Law Offices of Karen Cushman, P.C., we provide comprehensive family law representation. We are dedicated to helping real people pursue resolutions to complex legal issues, including paternity. We understand the emotional and financial hardships associated with paternity, child support and visitation.

Our Arlington paternity attorney, Karen Cushman, has been practicing law for years. She has sophisticated knowledge of paternity laws and guidelines. She can discuss your situation and provide strategies to help you achieve your goals. Our law firm represents men and women wishing to establish, pursue and also deny paternity.

Establishing Your Parental Rights

Our law firm has handled numerous paternity cases from every perspective. We realize that many fathers are unaware that their parental rights can be terminated easily if certain legal steps are not taken. If you want to be a parent, you need to aggressively protect your rights.

We can help you take the necessary steps to protect your parental rights. We understand the strict deadlines associated with establishing paternity. We also understand how establishing parental rights can create obligations, including child support and child custody. We can evaluate your situation according to the law and determine the best course of action.

Pursuing Paternity

We understand that every paternity case is unique, requiring personalized attention. If you are pursuing a paternity claim, you may face legal roadblocks. Our legal team has experience helping mothers establish paternity. We can discuss the procedures and how the law may affect your case.

Our lawyer, Karen Cushman, has years of legal experience. She has assembled a talented legal team committed to helping real people with complicated matters. We can evaluate your situation from every angle to determine the best legal steps. We understand how establishing paternity is often just the tip of the iceberg. We can also help you:

  • Establish visitation
  • File for back child support
  • Draft proper custody agreements

Denying Paternity Obligations

We have extensive knowledge of the law. We understand the complexities of paternity. We can evaluate your situation based on Texas paternity codes. We can arrange paternity DNA testing to help support your claim. Depending on your situation, we can also try to overturn existing child support orders.

Free Consultation

Our office provides a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your situation. Please call us at 888-654-3558 or you may also send us an e-mail.