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At the law offices of Karen Cushman, P.C. in Arlington, we work with clients who want to pursue a collaborative approach to resolving divorce and family law disagreements. We understand the emotions that accompany a dispute over child custody, visitation, support and the division of marital property. We are dedicated to providing caring and compassionate counsel that focuses on your individual needs. Contact us to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to discuss the collaborative approach to divorce and family law matters.

The Collaborative Approach

In the collaborative approach to the resolution of divorce and family law disputes, you and your spouse agree to work together and come to agreement on all issues without the intervention of the judge or the courts. You and your spouse may be represented by counsel, and your attorney will work with you and each other to fashion agreements regarding child custody, visitation, child support, alimony and the distribution of marital assets. If you are unable to reach agreement through collaboration and your divorce goes through traditional channels, you must hire a new lawyer to represent you.

In the collaborative approach, you agree to an open and honest exchange of information. In addition, children are protected and professionals are often consulted to help the parties resolve issues. Mental health professionals may be asked to assist with the determination of custody and visitation arrangements. Financial professionals may help determine appropriate levels of support or the proper allocation of marital assets.

The collaborative process is not a combative one, but is designed to encourage you to resolve your differences amicably. Solutions that evolve through collaboration generally lead to better long-term relationships among all family members.

The collaborative process differs from mediation primarily in that the parties and their attorneys follow a specific process throughout the duration of the case to resolve their differences respectfully and amicably.

Our Experience in Collaborative Law

At the offices of Karen Cushman, P.C., we are fully trained in the collaborative law process. We support the resolution of divorce and family law matters through non-adversarial and respectful proceedings. If you choose to pursue a collaborative approach, we will work closely with you and your spouse to identify and implement creative solutions that foster a positive long-term relationship for everyone involved.

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