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Our Arlington restraining order attorney, Karen Cushman, has years of legal experience. She also possesses a sophisticated understanding of restraining orders and protective orders and how each may affect your case. She has assembled a high-caliber team of professionals to help provide personalized representation tailored to your needs. We can discuss your situation at length and provide insights into how your divorce case may benefit from these court orders.

At the Texas Law Offices of Karen Cushman, P.C., we provide extensive family law representation. We have handled countless divorce cases and tackled complex issues. Our legal team is dedicated to helping real people pursue resolutions to their legal matters.

Understanding Restraining Orders

Restraining orders, under state law, basically prevent either party in a divorce from behaving inappropriately. The procedure for obtaining restraining orders can be complicated. However, once you go through a temporary orders hearing, the results are iron-clad.

Restraining orders can cover a variety of actions. They can be issued to protect decisions concerning property, possessions and children. Depending on your situation, your orders can prevent both parties from:

  • Hiding the children
  • Removing children from school or daycare
  • Threatening or harassing the other party
  • Taking money out of the bank
  • Cashing out CDs or other assets
  • Opening the other's mail

Understanding Protective Orders

Our law firm is dedicated to protecting your rights. We can help you pursue protective orders. We can also provide informed advice if protective orders are placed against you. Protective orders are taken very seriously in our state. If an order is violated, jail can be the consequence.

Protective orders can be hard to obtain. However, once they are in place, they carry harsh restrictions. Orders can start out as temporary, but after a full hearing a judge could decide to issue permanent orders. They can prevent the other party from:

  • Coming within a certain distance
  • Calling, texting or e-mailing
  • Living in the house

It is important that you retain a skilled lawyer when dealing with protective orders. No matter what your situation, your life will be affected. You may need to find a new place to live. Protective orders could also affect child custody and visitation.

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