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January 2014 Archives

Sperm donor must pay child support despite contract

For same-sex couples, making the decision to have a child is one that is wrought with choices. The couple has to decide if they will try to have a biological child of one partner or if they will adopt. If they want a biological child, they have to decide how the child will be conceived. For one same-sex couple that wanted a biological child, the decision was made to use a sperm donor that they would recruit off of Craigslist. That decision, however, has affected the donor in ways that he probably didn't imagine it would.

Texas family faces child custody issues over homeschooling

Parents who opt to homeschool their children face a lot of scrutiny from some members of society. While homeschooling is legal in most areas, some parents soon discover that homeschooling their children seems to make them a target for child protective services investigations. For one Texas family, homeschooling their biological children, adopted children and children they were in the process of adopting led to the children being removed from their custody.

Texas father ordered to jail after paying back child support

When you go through a divorce that involves children, one parent usually ends up being responsible for child support. This court-ordered support helps the custodial parent to pay for the normal expenses associated with raising the children. Failing to pay the child support can lead to legal troubles for the non-custodial parent. One recent case involving child support payments shows just how important it is for the parent who pays the child support to fully understand and comply with the support order of the court.

Father suing over adoption of his child

Texas residents may be interested to hear about a recent, though extreme, child custody case. The mother and father of the child were unmarried at the time the son was born, and now the father is suing because the child was put up for adoption without his consent. He claims that the mother lied to him about her plans for the child until the day before the baby was born. Now, the man is pursuing a case against the mother, family services, and the adoptive parents of the child, as well as the firm which handled the adoption. He alleges that the adoption was fraudulent, and took place, in part, for financial gain.

Grandparents accused of stealing child not guilty

Here's an interesting case of grandparents' rights that nearly went wrong; according to the news, a 50-year-old grandfather and 45-year-old grandmother were watching their grandchild when the mother claimed they had kidnapped her and were taking her back to her biological father. According to the story, the two have now had the charges against them dismissed, and they had claimed that they had taken the child in due to drug-related situations.

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