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March 2015 Archives

Collaborative divorce: Why you still need an attorney

When a couple first decides to divorce, many want to keep the process as amicable as possible. While this is definitely a positive for all involved, the divorce process can bring out many intense emotions, and it may be difficult to go through the collaborative divorce process without the help of a family law attorney who can bring an outside opinion and help you decide on the best course of action.

Man pays child support on child who isn't his, has to pay arrears

Being named a child's father is a big event in a man's life. When the man isn't in a relationship with the mother, that event can lead to legal issues like child support. For one Texas man, a woman naming him as the father of her daughter led to him having to make child support payments. As it turns out, the woman pointed her finger at the wrong man when naming him as the father.

Collaborative divorce works in some cases, not others

Many of our readers have read blog posts in which we discuss collaborative divorce. For people who are just embarking on the divorce process, a collaborative divorce can prove to be an excellent way to get issues resolved. Just to be clear, a collaborative divorce is ideal for our Texas readers who don't have a lot of issues that they can't resolve, but don't have a clear-cut divorce either. It usually helps to let people know to think of a collaborative divorce as a sort of middle-of-the-road divorce.

Hilary Duff files for divorce, seeks custody of son

With the information people can find on the Internet, it shouldn't come as a surprise that posts, tweets, pictures, and other information can sometimes affect a marriage. This is especially true for people who have achieved celebrity status. The recent news of Hilary Duff filing for divorce from Mike Comrie hammers this point home. Our Texas readers who have followed this couple might wonder what led to the break up.

How are real estate holdings considered in a Texas divorce?

Vacation homes and other real estate holdings are a big part in many high-asset divorces. Some of our Texas readers might not realize that dealing with these holdings can often add a complex element to the property division process. Being prepared for dealing with that can help to make the property division process a little easier and a little less stressful.

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