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Man pays child support on child who isn't his, has to pay arrears

Being named a child's father is a big event in a man's life. When the man isn't in a relationship with the mother, that event can lead to legal issues like child support. For one Texas man, a woman naming him as the father of her daughter led to him having to make child support payments. As it turns out, the woman pointed her finger at the wrong man when naming him as the father.

The man says that he has been paying child support for a child that isn't is for 13 years. He says that he has had difficulties paying for his electric bill and paying for food. The ordeal caused his 401k account to be frozen, and he is currently $21,000 behind on payments.

In this case, the man had a DNA test that showed the probability of him being the child's father was 0.00 percent. It wasn't until the child's mother sent a letter to the court stating that the man wasn't the child's father that the man began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He has a court date coming up in which he hopes the court will confirm that he doesn't have to make payments. He says his 401k isn't frozen any longer and that a letter says he isn't responsible for making payments.

Now, the man has to face the back child support he owes. According to the Texas Attorney General's website, even if a man is excluded from being the father of a child, he is still responsible for paying back child support up to the date of termination of the parent-child relationship. He is also responsible for interest accrued until the back child support is paid. This is in accordance with TFC ยง 161.005(c)-(o).

When paternity is in question, a man should take proactive steps to prove he isn't the child's father. As you can see from this case, the consequences of not taking steps to prove you aren't the child's father can be severe.

Source: CBS Houston, "Man Forced To Pay Child Support For 13 Years For Girl That DNA Proves Isn’t His," March. 25, 2015

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