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When will my child support order end?

Child support can be a contentious issue in any divorce, but a high asset divorce often involves high incomes. This can result in a substantial child support obligation, and it's not unusual for parents in these circumstances to disagree over what constitutes a reasonable and fair amount. While the Texas courts will generally use the regular child support guidelines in these cases, there may be deviations for extraordinary expenses, including traveling for parenting time or one parent incurring extra expenses as part of the child's education, extracurricular or medical needs.

Do I need a prenup?

All couples can benefit from a prenuptial agreement, but those with high-value assets or certain types of assets may need to further explore this option. In today's society, people are waiting longer than ever to get married and start a family, and this can mean that both parties have accumulated a fair amount of assets and have established careers by the time they are ready to get married. A prenuptial agreement can help protect those assets in the event of a divorce later on.

How can collaborative law help?

Many people have a stereotype of the divorce process being extremely adversarial, with both parties out to get each other. While this may be true in some situations, it doesn't have to be the case. Making use of the collaborative process can help take some of the stress out of the situation and make it easier for parents to come to an agreement about child custody issues.

Child custody types greatly impact life for parents and children

Child custody is one of the most contentious areas of a divorce. Just last week, we discussed one possible child custody order -- sole custody. That is only one of the possibilities for a child custody arrangement. Parents who are facing a child custody battle should understand some of the different types of arrangements that are used in Texas.

What impact does a sole custody order have?

Just last year, almost 20 states looked at bills that would make shared parenting the basis for most custody orders, moving away from the long standard of the mother as the custodial parent. While visitation schedules have been used for decades, research has shown that these schedules do not give children anywhere near equal access to both parents. Texas is now following suit and considering an equal parenting bill that could change the way the courts deal with divorces and child custody situations.

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