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October 2015 Archives

Texas looks into all aspects of child custody cases

Child custody is one of the most stressful aspects of raising a child if you and the child's other parent are no longer in a relationship. As we discussed last week, determining the primary caregiver of the child is one of the factors that affects child custody; however, that isn't the only factor that comes into the picture. We can help you learn about the factors that come into the picture when you are in the midst of a child custody battle.

Figuring out who is the primary caretaker

During child custody cases in Texas, one important distinction that will be made is who is the primary caretaker for the child. This parent may then get an edge in the custody proceedings. After all, if that person was doing the most to raise the child while the couple was married, it stands to reason that he or she will be more apt to continue in this role after the divorce.

Man camps out in yard for 6 months after wife kicks him out

One Texas couple is the subject of neighborhood scrutiny and national news after reports of a man camping out on his front lawn for months after being kicked out by his estranged wife began making the media rounds. According to reports, the woman changed the locks on their impressive home — said to be valued around $1 million — and put the man out with just the clothes he was wearing.

Property division and attempting a settlement

Many couples go into a divorce with the idea that they are going to keep things civil and friendly and not turn the separation into a months-long battle. However, even with the best of intentions, divorces don't always work out as planned. It's important to prepare yourself for the possibility that your or your ex's mind will change during the process and that coming to a settlement may take months.

Study shows Texas has some of the happiest divorces

A new study seems to indicate that where you live may have an effect on how happy your divorce is. The study, published by, looks at the online divorce forms couples were filling out on the site to see which states seemed to have the nicest divorces. The data was compiled after looking through the online forms to see which states had the most couples who agreed with each other on the terms of the divorce and which states had more couples in disagreement.

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