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December 2015 Archives

Property division can be a complex issue in some divorces

One of the biggest factors in a divorce is how the property that the couple has amassed during the marriage will be divided. In Texas, the property division standard is what is equitable, which doesn't mean what is equal. It is imperative that if you are going through a property division case in Texas that you prepare for the property division portion of the case. We can help you to determine how you should handle this delicate matter.

Final ruling shows why choices during custody cases are crucial

International custody cases almost always pose a problem because it is near impossible to ensure that both parents have regular access to the children. In most situations, one parent will have primary residential custody even if there is a joint legal custody order, and the nonresidential parent will have extended parenting time during holidays and school vacations. However, even these situations are less than ideal, and some parents may think about taking matters into their own hands. The final chapter in the Kelly Rutherford and Daniel Giersch custody battle shows why this is never a good idea.

Can my tax refund be held for back child support?

Getting behind on court-ordered child support payments is a serious issue. While it may take several months and even years of being behind for the penalties to kick in, once they do they can be quite severe. You're likely to get notices from the child support enforcement agency as soon as you become delinquent. If it is not already, the enforcement agency may also start garnishing your wages to ensure that the payments are made according to your court order.

AMBER alert needed for safety of child in divorce situation

How many times have you heard on the news that a child is missing? Then, a few days later it comes out that the non-custodial parent had the child the whole time? An AMBER alert was issued and the parent is in trouble. Every one of the AMBER alerts that you hear follow strict guidelines and activation criteria. There are some very critical recommendations.

Texas man fights to get son back from Brazil

A child abduction is every parent's worst nightmare, but in some cases, the abductor is actually the other parent. Parental abductions are more common than many people would think, and when they cross over into other countries, they can turn into incredibly challenging and lengthy legal battles. One Texas man is finding this out firsthand.

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