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Don't get taken for the assets you worked hard to amass

Deciding to end a marriage is a very serious decision. For most people who file for divorce, a lot of thought has gone into making the choice. For a person who is going to have a lot of assets to divide during the divorce, there is some planning that should be done before and after the divorce is filed.

Why is shared parenting on the rise?

It started as an increase in more generous visitation schedules, but now more and more families have shared parenting, which includes joint legal and physical custody. Some of the arrangements include week-on-week-off parenting time scheduled and cause both parents to be equally responsible for the financial, physical and emotional care of the children.

How social media can be used against you in a divorce

In the age of selfies and social media, oversharing online can have major repercussions for your divorce case. It's normal to want to vent your emotions or keep your friends and family updated on what's going on throughout your divorce and any connected proceedings later on, but this can backfire if it is presented as evidence in court.

Know your rights when it comes to property division

Besides child custody matters, property division is often the biggest area that causes disagreements during a divorce. In most cases, each party has specific items or assets that they want as part of the divorce. When you and your ex are working on the property division for your divorce, you should be aware of your rights. We can help you to learn about Texas laws might apply to the case if you end up having to let the court decide on the property division aspect of the divorce. That information might help you to decide how you will handle your side of the case.

Survey shows changing attitudes toward divorce

While divorce rates are higher than they were a couple of generations ago, the number of divorces that take place every year has begun to stabilize. With this, the attitudes Americans have toward divorce is changing as well. According to a survey completed by the government in an attempt to see how cultural ideas of family, marriage and divorce are changing over the years, fewer people now approve of divorce as an option.

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