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Key points about grandparents' rights in Texas

Divorce can be very tough on grandparents. They don't have a say in the couple's decision, after all, but they could lose the ability to see their grandchildren. It's important for them to know what rights they have in Texas. A few key points are noted below.

The long-term impact of gray divorce

While those divorcing after age 50 usually don't have to deal with contentious issues like child support or child custody, financial factors are very much in play. In many cases, those who divorce later in life have been married for quite a while -- often several decades -- and their finances are extremely intertwined.

Do I still have to pay child support if we have shared custody?

Many people have the faulty belief that shared custody automatically means that they won't have to make child support payments. In fact, some parents may pursue shared or joint custody solely for this reason even when such arrangements may not, in fact, be best for the children. While it's true that some shared custody arrangements may result in no child support or very little, it is not an absolute.

How can you make divorce easier?

While it often doesn't seem like it, there are things you can do and focus on during your divorce to make the process less stressful for all involved. The most important of these is to focus on being calm and civil and treating your ex the same way you would treat a business colleague you had to work with on a big project. While it may seem very difficult in the moment, a little bit of kindness and understanding toward your ex during the divorce can go a long way toward getting through the process quickly.

What happens to the business?

You have your own business, but you've decided to divorce. Now what should you do? The very first thing that must be decided is whether the business qualifies as martial or separate property. However, just because you are listed as the only owner or your spouse has no dealing with the business does not automatically mean that it's separate property.

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