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Establishing paternity can benefit you, your child and the mother

When you are fighting to see your child, you might find that you have to establish paternity. This can be done in several ways, but there are significant effects of the establishment no matter how it occurs. If you are fighting for your rights as a father, you should know that your desire to be legally acknowledged comes with some important benefits to you and your child.

Working through issues might help grandparents

Grandparents' rights are a touchy subject because the need to exert these rights often comes on the heels of family drama. In our previous blog post, we discussed how these cases usually involve volatile situations. That blog post brought up some important points. One of which is that it is often best to try to work through things with your grandchild's parents.

Grandparents' rights often stem from volatile situations

Grandparents usually want a chance to have a relationship with their grandchildren. When the grandchild's parents don't allow that to happen, the grandparents might choose to explore their right to see the child. There are several factors that the court might consider when a grandparent is seeking to have visitation rights or even custody of a grandchild.

Think about more than value during property division proceedings

The property division process during a divorce is very important because it can either set you up for success or doom you to failure in the near future. Of course, even the worst property division settlement can be overcome, but you shouldn't have to deal with trying to do that. We know that you are ready to get your divorce moving forward but that you want to ensure you are getting what is rightfully yours.

Divorce can impact your credit score

Divorce can impact every aspect of your life. You will have to decide who get what, how the children will go between your and your ex, and how you will set up your future. One thing that you might not realize can be impacted by a divorce is your credit score; however, it is very possible that your credit history will be impacted after the divorce. What stands to be seen is if this impact will be positive or negative.

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