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Divorce required to end common law marriage in Texas

The recent news of unmarried Iggy Azalea being served with divorce papers might have some of our Texas readers wondering exactly how that can happen. While most people assume you can't get divorced unless you were married, that isn't the case in Texas. Common law marriage is one of the interesting options when it comes to relationships in Texas.

Firm representation during collaborative law proceedings is vital

When you are going through a divorce, you don't have to deal with the constant strife and tension-filled court dates. Instead, you can choose to go through a collaborative divorce that allows you and your ex-spouse to work together to come up with the terms of the divorce, such as the property division. We covered some of the basics of collaborative divorce process two weeks ago, but it is important to understand why representation is important in this process.

What is a collaborative law divorce in Texas?

If you and your spouse have decided that your marriage is over, you might have decided that divorce is the next step for you. Did you know that in Texas you can go through the collaborative law process to get divorced? Whether you have heard of that before or not, there are some basic facts about collaborative law that you should consider.

Being unwed affects paternity in Texas

When a child is born in Texas, paternity isn't automatically established unless the mother and father are married at the time of the child's birth. The attorney general wants unmarried couples who are expecting a baby to know that establishing paternity is something that is best done properly to possibly avoid a potential family law dispute in the future.

Sperm donor must pay child support despite contract

For same-sex couples, making the decision to have a child is one that is wrought with choices. The couple has to decide if they will try to have a biological child of one partner or if they will adopt. If they want a biological child, they have to decide how the child will be conceived. For one same-sex couple that wanted a biological child, the decision was made to use a sperm donor that they would recruit off of Craigslist. That decision, however, has affected the donor in ways that he probably didn't imagine it would.

Texas father ordered to jail after paying back child support

When you go through a divorce that involves children, one parent usually ends up being responsible for child support. This court-ordered support helps the custodial parent to pay for the normal expenses associated with raising the children. Failing to pay the child support can lead to legal troubles for the non-custodial parent. One recent case involving child support payments shows just how important it is for the parent who pays the child support to fully understand and comply with the support order of the court.

There are significant advantages to a collaborative divorce

During a divorce, the intervention of the courts or a judge can actually cause more damage than if the two splitting spouses worked together to reach their own unique solution. It may be difficult to work with a person after declaring that you don't want to be tied to him or her anymore; but in the end, this collaborative approach to a divorce can be very beneficial for the splitting spouses.

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