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How do you plan for the chaos of summer?

During the school year, things are pretty routine for divorced parents in Texas simply because things are routine for the children. Your custody schedule stays the same and your obligations stay the same. When summer hits, though, the kids are free from school and chaos can reign. To prepare for this and keep it from being difficult, you should plan in advance.

Retirement accounts are often part of a high asset divorce

If you are getting a divorce or contemplating a legal separation, and you both have retirement accounts, you may be required to share these assets. The judge may even award both accounts to one party. Whether you have to share or are being awarded these funds, you need to know the rules that govern this type of transaction.

Judge cites parents' rights in ruling on concert case

Parents ofTexas teenagers, preteens and even younger children have to deal with making decisions on what is age appropriate on an almost daily basis. From TV shows and music to clothing and socializing, there are almost endless possible points of disagreement for divorced or separated parents sharing custody of their children. When the two parties strongly disagree on what is the right decision, the case may end up in court.

How is an inheritance handled during a divorce?

During the property division part of a divorce, assets and debts are divided among the couple. As we discussed last week, there are several points to consider when dividing credit accounts. There are also several points to consider when you have an inheritance that must be divided.

Hilary Duff files for divorce, seeks custody of son

With the information people can find on the Internet, it shouldn't come as a surprise that posts, tweets, pictures, and other information can sometimes affect a marriage. This is especially true for people who have achieved celebrity status. The recent news of Hilary Duff filing for divorce from Mike Comrie hammers this point home. Our Texas readers who have followed this couple might wonder what led to the break up.

How are real estate holdings considered in a Texas divorce?

Vacation homes and other real estate holdings are a big part in many high-asset divorces. Some of our Texas readers might not realize that dealing with these holdings can often add a complex element to the property division process. Being prepared for dealing with that can help to make the property division process a little easier and a little less stressful.

Learn your rights regarding child custody modification in Texas

Last week, we discussed the case of Wiz Khalifa. If you remember, Khalifa is seeking a child custody modification that would allow him more time with his son. That post might have some of our Texas readers wondering if they should seek a child custody modification. There isn't really a single answer for that question that will fit everyone.

Wiz Khalifa seeks to change child custody agreement

Anyone who has gone through a child custody battle knows that the battles seldom go off without any issues. Each parent wants their own way when it comes to what happens with the child. Accusations from one parent about the other parent can often turn the child custody battle ugly. The most recent happenings in the Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose custody battle over their 1-year-old son is proof of how nasty these cases can turn. Our Texas readers might find this interesting.

Purposes of restraining orders and protective orders in Texas

In our blog post last week, we discussed some of the ways you can protect your assets during a divorce. As sad as it is, some people destroy property or do things to bring the value of the property down. Some people might even sell property or trade it just so that it doesn't go to the ex in a divorce. We discussed how restraining orders are used in Texas divorces to help keep assets protected. That wording might have our readers a bit confused.

What is alimony during a divorce in Texas?

Over the course of a divorce in Texas, the subject of alimony might come up at some point. When that question comes up, it is vital for you to understand what that means. There are some very specific points about alimony that people who are filing for divorce in Texas should know.

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